Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on detecting body-related conditions and disorders that affect your ability to move or perform daily tasks. As specialists in movement-based conditions, our physical therapists identify defects in the body through diagnosis. We curate a treatment plan that quickly relieves pain, restores body function, and averts future injury.

Whether you’re struggling with mild or chronic pain, our clinicians are ready to help you gain full recovery. We will work to strengthen your body to achieve maximum results.

Below are the various conditions our physical therapy services help treat:

  • \Arthritis
  • \Back pain
  • \Foot and ankle pain
  • \Hip pain
  • \Knee pain
  • \Neck pain

We look for areas with stiffness or inflammation within the body that are causing pain by using advanced diagnostic tools. We then treat those problem areas by combining various exercises to ease pain and improve mobility. Each exercise we provide is part of your treatment plan and depends on your condition. Below are some of the physical therapy exercises our team utilizes:

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

These light physical therapy exercises will increase your heart rate and ease your joint pain. Our physicians will direct you to walk fast or ride a stationary bike to warm up.

Strengthening Exercises

Our trained therapists will guide you to perform bodyweight exercises, including squats, lunges, or pushups. The goal is to strengthen your body’s muscles and tissues to support recovery and movement.

Stretching Exercises

These exercises target the painful body areas to offer relief; improve flexibility; and range of motion. Our therapists will instruct you to ensure the best results and prevent further injury.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists are experts in taking great care of your affected areas. We massage the painful areas gently, so you gain relief faster and safely, without the risk of re-injury.