Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone fluctuations or deficiencies affect your physical and mental health by making you feel sluggish or tired. With hormone replacement therapy (aka: HRT), you replace lost hormones with new ones. This helps restore lost energy and enhances your appearance. If you’re looking for the best hormone replacement therapy services in Miami, we at Circle Health Center are your #1 solution.

We pride ourselves in offering naturally-derived bioidentical hormones that match the ones your body produces. That makes them a more effective and safer alternative to artificial hormones. The hormones we use help restore your physical and mental health, boost your libido and increase energy without side effects or damage to organs.
When you schedule an appointment, we perform a blood test to assess your current hormone levels. We then create a custom bioidentical hormone treatment plan that best fits your needs. The treatment plan may include topical cream, oral tablets, or injections and depends on your hormonal deficiencies.

Hormone Therapy Services in Miami
HRT Miami

Our highly-decorated HRT specialists work diligently and provide meticulous attention to ensure quality patient care. We are a team of kind, compassionate specialists who focus on helping patients achieve radical results for short and long-term health.

Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive by choosing us for your HRT needs:

  • RBetter athletic performance
  • RBetter mood, self-esteem, and wellness
  • REnhanced bone density and lean muscle
  • REnhanced skin appearance
  • RFaster recovery from strenuous exercises
  • RImproved libido
  • RImproved memory and cognitive function
  • RIncreased energy levels
  • RMore restful sleep
  • RReduced inflammation