About Us



At Circle Health Center, we are the leading provider of the highest quality care in Miami, Florida, and neighboring areas. We combine our vast years of industry experience with the latest technology to deliver top-notch medical services that set us apart. Our growing team of certified and experienced health practitioners will work diligently to help you to meet your health and wellness goals.

You will receive unmatched levels of personal care and attention throughout the process which will enable you to achieve a better quality of life. Our specialists will discuss this in more detail with you during your initial consultation to help you to better understand the kind of care you will receive.

We use advanced diagnostic imaging tools to determine the perfect treatment plan for your condition. You’ll recover safely and effectively to enjoy a healthier life as we are experts in what we do.

Circle Health Center

Why Choose Us

Choosing Circle Health Center as a one-stop for all your health and wellness needs; and will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

Personalized Treatment

We treat each patient based on their needs and goals. Our team members listen to your concerns with respect, empathy, and diligence. We diagnose and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your wellness goals.

Certified and Qualified Therapists

Every healthcare provider on our team complies with the industry’s highest licensure requirements. We boast excellent training, expertise, and academic qualifications, so expect to get the best care possible.

Wide Range of Services

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive yet effective medical treatments and wellness solutions to support recovery and better health. Our service offerings include primary care, physical therapy, wellness, x-ray, sports medicine, and hormone replacement therapy. Expect the greatest recovery and beyond to keep you healthy.

Let us help boost your health and wellness for a better life. To learn more, call us today at 786-227-6020 to speak to our experts.