Your leading full-service health and wellness care provider. To assist in improving your health, we provide unique and highly successful treatment methods. Our healthcare team boasts vast experience delivering the best care tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

Working with Circle Health Center offers you access to a team of friendly, certified, and qualified healthcare specialists. You will receive a warm welcome to make you feel safe and well cared for. Our medical practitioners are always ready to listen and answer any questions you have concerning your health and wellness.

We use cutting-edge, approved medical technologies and tools to diagnose your condition. This allows us to craft a treatment plan and provide effective solutions to remedy your medical situation.
You’ll receive one-on-one attention from our providers to monitor and support your recovery. We provide follow-ups after treatment to ensure optimal health.

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As industry experts, we offer a vast range of healthcare services and wellness solutions to suit your treatment needs. We will help you achieve the best health and wellness care that boosts your quality of life.

Below is a quick overview of our wellness and primary care services that you can expect from our medical center:


Our physical therapy services focus on helping ease chronic body aches like neck pain, back pain, and joint pain. We use the best tools and practices to help patients recover from injuries safely and more quickly.


We use state-of-art Xray diagnostic imaging tools to view and assess various conditions affecting your health..

sports medicine

We use state-of-art Xray diagnostic imaging tools to view and assess various conditions affecting your health..


Our HRT services target patients struggling with hormonal imbalances due to aging, pregnancy, and lifestyle. We use effective, safe, and modern medical treatments by board-certified doctors to boost your energy, libido, and quality of life.


We will help to improve your cellular, physical, and mental health by providing the latest wellness strategies. Our specialists use evidence-based tools (backed by many years of scientific research) to enable you to live better.

primary care

We offer our patients a basis for achieving high-quality, long-term health and wellness care from the comfort of their homes. Our specialized clinicians are here to advise, track your fitness, perform screenings, and provide quality care to meet your health needs

Are you ready to embark on a journey to achieve the best possible lifelong health and wellness? Call us at (243) 567-8910 to schedule an appointment today to get started. You may also contact us online to find out more about our comprehensive medical treatment services; and how we can help you to meet your wellness goals.

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Physical therapy focuses on detecting body-related conditions and disorders that affect your ability to move or perform daily tasks. As specialists in movement-based conditions, our physical therapists identify defects in the body through diagnosis. We curate a treatment plan that quickly relieves pain, restores body function, and averts future injury.

Whether you’re struggling with mild or chronic pain, our clinicians are ready to help you gain full recovery. We will work to strengthen your body to achieve maximum results.


Choosing Circle Health Center as a one-stop for all your health and wellness needs; and will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

Personalized Treatment

We treat each patient based on their needs and goals. Our team members listen to your concerns with respect, empathy, and diligence. We diagnose and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your wellness goals.

Certified and Qualified Therapists

Every healthcare provider on our team complies with the industry’s highest licensure requirements. We boast excellent training, expertise, and academic qualifications, so expect to get the best care possible.

Wide Range of Services

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive yet effective medical treatments and wellness solutions to support recovery and better health.

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For several years now, we at Circle Health Center have been striving to meet the medical diagnostic needs of people living in Miami, Florida. We use cutting-edge diagnostic imaging (x-ray) technologies and tests. This enables us to diagnose, monitor precisely, and treat various health conditions and diseases.

We use our combined years of expertise to provide referring physicians with the most accurate and high-quality radiological imaging reports. This facilitates a faster diagnosis and treatment for our patients. You’ll receive the exceptional and kind care you deserve while upholding our dignity.


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